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Pipex px® International Supply of FRP

Pipex px® International Supply of FRP

This project involved the design, supply and fabrication of 30 in No Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) ladders, ladder cages, access platforms, gratings, support braces and our Pipex px® innovative MARRS® handrail system for 2 oil pumping sites in Georgia, to the south of Russia.

Due to the location and distance of the installation site, Pipex px® assembled the structures at our manufacturing facility in Devon to ensure complete accuracy of build. The structures were then partly dismantled in preparation for despatch, leaving as much as possible pre fabricated, in order to further reduce installation time and costs upon arrival in Georgia.

In total over 610M of support braces, 300 Linear meters of handrail and 241M² of grating were manufactured, Pipex px® were also able to provide on site support assistance and supervision.

Benefits of Pipex px® FRP products include:

  • Design 60+ etc
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Low maintenance – reducing life term costs
  • Light weight

For further information on Pipex px® bespoke FRP structures please contact us on 01752 581200 or via email at

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