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Designed, developed & patented in conjunction with Arup, Pipex px® FLOWSTOW® passive rainwater harvesting systems provide toilet flushing in schools, buildings and offices by conveying rainwater direct from the roof to the flushing tanks.

This eliminates the need for costly electric pumping costs and the need for complex buried tanks that can be difficult and costly to maintain.

The systems provide building owners and operators with significant energy, carbon, water & £ savings and contribute to BREEAM excellence ratings.
Photo shows Flowstow® installed in a Primary School with educational viewing ports enabling the pupils of the school to monitor how rainwater is used in today’s environments.


  • No pumps required
  • No large below ground tanks
  • Offers easy access for maintenance
  • Can be retro-fit installed in existing buildings
  • Alleviates the need for buried tank excavations in urban areas
  • Saves £s on installation costs
  • Saves £s on running costs when in use.
  • Reduces surface water discharge
  • Helps to prevent urban flooding.
  • Controls provide operational flushing data and rainwater harvested.
  • Pipex FLOWSTOW® system assists with BREEAM credits
  • System is adaptable to suit project specific requirements
  • Thermoplastic materials of construction are 100% recyclable

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