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Bondstrand® GRE pipe helps reduce vessel emissions

Bondstrand® GRE pipe helps reduce vessel emissions

With effect from January 2015 The International Maritime Organisation* (IMO) legislation stated that all ships operating inside designated emissions control areas are to use low sulphur fuel, or to employ technology to reduce sulphur oxide (SOx) emissions.

Low sulphur fuel is expensive therefore an alternative solution is for vessels operators to install Exhaust Gas Cleaning (EGC) after treatment systems - commonly referred to as “scrubbers”.  This method ensures that the vessels exhaust gas emissions are sufficiently cleaned to within the new legal limit of SOx emissions (which is now just 0.10%) prior to release into the atmosphere.

The highly corrosive nature of waste material produced during the scrubbing process leaves only two viable options for essential associated pipework - difficult to source and expensive special grade stainless steel or Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE).

Pipex px® DNV Class approved Bondstrand® Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) is extremely corrosion resistant and perfect for such harsh conditions.  Its’ lightweight properties (approx. 1/6th the weight of steel), low maintenance and ease of installation make it the ideal solution for these exhaust gas scrubbing systems.

Pipex px® Scrubber GRE Pipework installed

Pipex px® recently supplied and installed approx. 290 meters of 2 inch – 14 inch Bondstrand® GRE pipework together with 200+ fittings for a scrubber system on a freight & passenger ferry.

Operating year-round, with daily departures from Portsmouth, the ferry provides a life-line service to the Channel Islands.  It was imperative that cargo was delivered in time for Christmas and therefore this project demanded an extremely strict deadline of just 28 days. 


As “One-stop-shop” solution experts, Pipex px® were able to make sure this happened!     

Our engineering services department were able to provide GRE piping design assistance and isometrics to allow joint fabrication at HQ facilities in Plymouth.  In total approx. 60% of joints were prefabricated in order to facilitate rapid vessel installation. Our specialist installation teams were then despatched to site and worked in 24hr shifts for 14 days in order to ensure the ferry was back in service as scheduled.

Pipex px® GRE Scrubber Pipwork Installed

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* IMO is the United Nations specialised agency with responsibility for the safety and security of shipping and the prevention of marine pollution by ships.

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