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Complex GRE Headers Project

Complex GRE Headers Project

This Pipex px® project win was successfully achieved against Korean bidders. 24 bespoke GRE headers were supplied and fabricated using Bondstrand® thick wall pipe, sustaining water filtration for an oil process platform offshore Angola.
12” GRE piping was bonded to 8” GRE piping with eccentric reducer to prevent air bubbles from affecting the system’s pressure.

A Pipex px® custom made drilling jig laser was used to ensure accurate, precision drilled holes for filtration units to be connected.  Ameron Bonstrand® 2000, 4000 & 7000 was supplied in 8”, 12” and 16” thickness of up to 52 stub connections to9 assist a continuous flow.  Pipex px® also tested and supplied 1500 3” flanges 7000M and 1200 3” elbow bends 7000M for a unique flexible design and engineered to suit clients specification.  Zero tolerance assembly tests were held to ensure a successful manufacture. 


  • Corrosion resistant with design life expectancy of 60+ years dependant on application
  • Low maintenance reducing overall long terms costs
  • Innovative and lightweight fast track installation
  • Non Conductive and fire resistant
  • Strong and Durable
  • Filtration units purify water, reducing the amount of process required to refine oil

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