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FRP Platforms and Handrails - designed to withstand Wave Zone onslaught

FRP Platforms and Handrails - designed to withstand Wave Zone onslaught

Offshore platforms are located in some of the most inhospitable and challenging environments on earth with topside structures facing a daily battle against corrosion and wave loads.

Developed by our in-house experts, Pipex px® advanced phenolic Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) composite products have been specifically designed to deliver consistently outstanding results in the most extreme environmental conditions.

Trusted by the largest Offshore Oil and Gas industry giants, Pipex px® patented MARRS® OFFSHORE handrails systems have been installed extensively on both the Clair Ridge & Andrew Platforms, along with numerous other FPSO Structures.  The latest platform to benefit from our innovative, highly corrosion resistant & lightweight products is the Hummingbird FPSO situated in the North Sea “Chestnut” Field, 230km East of Aberdeen.

Pipex px® designed, supplied, fabricated and delivered our MARRS® OFFSHORE handrails for Deck House Access, permitting safe access to machinery/ control area.

MARRSĀ® OFFSHORE Handrails on Hummingbird

Pipex px® designed the handrail system to be fixed to existing supports for ease of installation and minimal disruption. 

The lightweight properties of our advanced FRP composites further ensure that they are easy to man handle even in the most restrictive of spaces.

MARRSĀ® OFFSHORE Handrails on the Hummingbird
FRP Foam Monitor Platform installed on Hummingbird FPSO    

For this project Pipex px® also supplied a bespoke FRP Foam Monitor Access platform to replace the severely corroded, original steel platform sited in the Wave Zone.   Pipex px® FRP’s superior structural integrity can withstand severe wind and even wave loads generated from winter storms.

The design solution and structural calculations were carried out by our team of engineering experts with the complete off-site build manufacture taking place at our innovative HQ facilities.

The 2.86m high by 1.50m wide structure was fabricated utilising a combination of EXTREN® profiles and MARRS® OFFSHORE handrail sections and included an integrated FRP ladder section.

These modern, lightweight, cost effective solutions will provide our clients with extremely durable, non-corrosive products requiring minimal long term maintenance. 

Purposely designed and constructed to withstand storm loadings offshore, operator safety will be enhanced during essential monitor and foam fire fighting in this exposed marine environment.

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