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FRP Valve Tower Access Bridges for Scottish Reservoirs

FRP Valve Tower Access Bridges for Scottish Reservoirs

Craigendunton and Loch Craig reservoirs in Scotland have recently benefited from the installation of new advanced Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composite access bridges for access to the onsite valve towers.

A valve tower sits above an outlet pipe or tunnel used to transfer water out of the reservoir, it normally houses the necessary equipment and controls for opening and closing gates/valves which  enables flow rates of water to be regulated.

Pipex px® were appointed to design, fabricate and supply the FRP bridges, with manufacturing undertaken at our Scottish facility based in Glasgow. 

Both structures were assembled in their entirety at Pipex px® Scotland prior to collection - providing our client representatives with the opportunity for viewing and inspection before dismantling and packaging.

A number of products were used during the fabrication process including Extren® FRP profiles and SAFPLANK® solid surface FRP decking with epoxy anti-skid surface and safety handrail systems.

Each bridge measured approx. 1.2m in width and ranged from 12m to 13.9m in length.        

Existing Corroded Structure       

The photo left highlights the severe levels of deterioration and corrosion suffered by one of the original structures, mainly due to constant exposure and harsh environmental conditions.

Pipex px® products have unique properties that make them the ideal solutions for installation in this type of environment such as;

  • Extreme corrosion resistance - will not corrode or rust
  • Lightweight - Fast track installation
  • Virtually maintenance free - reducing through life costs

These unique benefits mean that not only can installation times be significantly reduced, our innovative Fibre Reinforced Polymer replacement bridges (pictured below) will provide extreme corrosion resistance and durability for 60+ years.

Pipex px® FRP Valve Access Bridge   Pipex px® FRP Valve Access Bridge   Pipex px® FRP Access Bridge

If you are interested in investigating how our advanced FRP composite products could be helping your projects, please contact a member of the pipex px® team on 01752 581200 or email us at to find out more.

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