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GRE Pipe & FRP Phenolic Gratings - Pipex px® prestigious QEC contract update

GRE Pipe & FRP Phenolic Gratings - Pipex px® prestigious QEC contract update

In 2009 Pipex px® were awarded the prestigious contract for the supply of GRE pipes and fittings for the first of class aircraft carrier, “The Queen Elizabeth” (QEC) by the Aircraft Carrier Alliance

Delivery of the Pipex px® pipe spools for the QEC Ship1 “The Queen Elizabeth” is now complete with 1,848 spools being manufactured and supplied in total.

Each lower block (LB) section of the vessel is completed separately at various shipyard locations throughout the UK; they are then transported to Bacock Marine in Rosyth for installation.  LB003 is now fully complete, LB01, LB02 and LB05 are currently awaiting installation and LB04 is in final stages of completion with transport to Rosyth due in October 2012.

Production of QEC Ship 2 requirements are now in progress at our innovative facility in Devon, over 735 of the contracted 1775 Pipex px® spools already been manufactured prior to despatch, installation of ship 2 will be completed at BAE Systems in Govan & Portsmouth.

Pipex px® were also contracted to design supply and fabricate pultruded Phenolic grating, for both vessels, for the Flight-deck Walkways, Forward and Aft Catwalks.  This included producing design fabrication drawings that detailed the panel sizes and cut outs for equipment fittings sited on these walkways.  Pipex px® will supply the finished gratings to the relevant shipyards for installation.

It is the first time that we have supplied the MOD with Phenolic grating on such a substantial scale for navel vessels.

Fabrication of the Phenolic gratings is scheduled to commence shortly with a total requirement of 1400m² for the Flight-deck Walkways and 200m² for the Forward and Aft Island Walkways.  Over 14,000 grating clips and securing bolts will be utilised on both ships, the first batch of 500 will undergo imminent quality approval at Pipex px®.

Pipex px® global engineering support, field service expertise and large UK stock enables us to provide flexible design, fabrication and installation solutions to clients worldwide.

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