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Large Diameter GRE Pipe Carbon Capture Project

Large Diameter GRE Pipe Carbon Capture Project

Pipex px® have now completed in-situ smoke testing on the 32” GRE pipe-work fabricated and installed for the Ferrybridge Power Station Carbon Capture Project. 250 meters of GRE pipe-work was filled with oil based persistent smoke and placed under 75mm of pressure for an extended period of time in order to test the integrity of the key lock and Taper Taper joints.

Pipex px® provided in additional 4 No additional instrument nozzles, some of the Pipex px® pipes will require instruments to monitor temperature, flow & gas composition.

Pipex px® GRE pipe systems are the perfect solution for the Ferrybridge Carbon Capture project. Due to the light weight properties of GRE the system can be installed fast track. The highly corrosion resistant GRE pipe requires minimal maintenance, which is ideal for this project as the pipe system is open to the elements and suspended at its highest point at 40 Metres above ground. Pipex px® also have advanced manufacturing capabilities so can build bespoke products and systems to suit specific project requirements.

Pipex px® Field Service Engineers fabricated GRE spools of up to 36 M in length at ground level which were then lifted into position and joined at high level using a Key Lock Mechanical push fit joint, minimising the installation schedule to meet the clients tight schedule.

Unique Selling Points:
• Lightweight enabling fast track and ease of installation
• Superior corrosion resistance with a life expectancy of 60+ years depending on application
• Designed to meet client specification
• Non conductive and fire resistant
• Smooth bore internals preventing bacteria growth and the build up of Fats, Oils and Greases (FOG)
• Low maintenance decreasing the long term cost

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