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MARRS® OFFSHORE Handrails Surpass NORSOK test Requirements

MARRS® OFFSHORE Handrails Surpass NORSOK test Requirements

MARRS® (Multi Angle Rapid Railing Systems) OFFSHORE is a unique patented handrail system specifically designed by Pipex px® and developed in-house to meet the required strength, toughness, fire reaction performance and safety criteria in offshore Oil and Gas Installations, including NORSOK compliance.

The NORSOK standards have been developed by the Norwegian petroleum industry to ensure adequate safety, value adding and cost effectiveness for petroleum industry developments and operations.

Pipex px® MARRS® OFFSHORE is a fire performance phenolic FRP composite handrail system, and it has recently undergone extensive and rigorous testing against the NORSOK requirements - we are pleased to announce that the test perimeters have been exceeded - by an extensive margin!

The load test, witnessed by representatives from BP Norge, saw our FRP composite handrails oppose forces of an incredible 6.1KN - far surpassing the NORSOK requirement of 1.5KN.

The 1500mm post centre spacings and steel post base connections were constructed for the test procedure to represent a typical offshore installation with corroded steel or aluminium handrails in need of replacement.

                                                Witness MARRSĀ® OFFSHORE Test Video


The test was only halted at 6.1KN due to the steel base connection post failure - the MARRS® handrail DID NOT fail.


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MARRS® OFFSHORE handrail systems & components thereof are the subject of various patents, patent applications & registered design rights including but not limited to: GB2477555, GB2477434, GB2477433, GB2477635, GB2487174, GB4018639, GB4018640, GB018641, BR1120120199080, EP11705223.3, KR10201207022125, PI2012005445, NO20121009 & US13/577,837.


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