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Pipex px® announces a record year!

Pipex px® announces a record year!

Record success driving reinvestment in advanced design and advanced manufacturing (ADAM) capabilities for composites.

Plymouth based manufacturing and design experts of advanced FRP Composites and Thermoplastics, Pipex px® has today announced the achievement of its most successful year since the company started trading over 40 years ago.

Over the last twelve months the family run company has achieved record profits and its highest ever turnover.

2014-2015 saw Pipex px® successfully win multi-million pound contracts with industry giants such as BP, Hyundai Heavy Industries and Network Rail with their design and innovation of proprietary products such as the MARRS® OFFSHORE Handrail system and Composite GRE pressure vessels.

With an enviable history of continuous growth and expansion, the advancement of products and capabilities are two of the company’s priorities and this year saw over £1M being reinvested into the building and development of the new Resin Infusion Centre of Excellence (RICE) which will open in September 2015.

Pipex px® currently has over 115,000 square foot of unique fabrication and design facilities wholly dedicated to precision engineering, manufacturing & machining, complimented with teams of highly skilled projects managers and engineering experts, enabling our construction products to remain the most competitive and advanced of their type within the construction industry.  

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