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Pipex px® Bespoke Resin Infused Structures....

Pipex px® Bespoke Resin Infused Structures....

Pipex px® can assist you, our customers, with a huge range of bespoke structural solutions for all applications - a number of which can be achieved with the aid of the in-house resin infusion and resin transfer moulding capabilities at Pipex px® facility in Plymouth, UK.  In conjunction with our team of design and engineering experts these moulding options can make a significant impact on YOUR project requirements.

An example of which is the recent design, manufacture and supply by Pipex px® of an innovative solution for Blow Out Preventor Stack (BOP) access platforms for one of our Offshore clients.

A Blow Out Preventor Stack is a large, specialised, mechanical device used to control and monitor extreme erratic pressures and uncontrolled flow from oil and gas wells.  It is also a VITAL component on ALL offshore platforms.

BOP’s are also intended to prevent tubing, tools and drilling fluid from being blown out of the wellbore when a blowout threatens, enhancing critical safety to the crew, rig and environment – a fail-safe device.

Difficulties and concerns with the standard steel platforms included;

  • Weight
  • Platforms fixed in situ
  • Large area requirement
  • Assembly and removal difficult, time consuming and costly

Pipex px® were able to alleviate these concerns with the radical re-design of the platforms core functionality, the benefits to the customer included;

  • Substantial weight saving - 1/3 weight of steel equivalent
  • Rotational ability - allowing crane hook access, previously impossible
  • Provision of ease of installation & removal as required
  • Extreme  corrosion resistance
  • Virtually maintenance free

To find out how YOUR project requirements could be assisted please contact us on 01752 581200 or via email at – we are here to help you!

Pipex px® Bespoke Resin Infusion Structural Drawing Image Pipex px® Bespoke FRP Offshore solution


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