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Pipex px® Platfrom Level Access Hump®

Pipex px® Platfrom Level Access Hump®

This innovative and cost saving Pipex px® solution was originally designed for installation on an existing platform in Harrington, Cumbria.  The Pipex px® Platform Level Access Hump® (raised station platform) was  designed to increase the height of the station platform by 0.5m and enabled passengers to more easily board and disembark the train.

For this pioneering project Pipex px® also fabricated FRP handrails for the rural station, the platform comprised of FRP structural panels as well as FRP moulded grating for the main structure and FRP handrails to provide an edge protection system.
The FRP platform is completely flexible and can be tailored to suit ANY platform renovation whilst its lightweight properties ensure installation time is dramatically reduced, ensuring minimal disruption the station users and train scheduling.
The system is non corrosive and non conductive making it an ideal solution for the rail industry, and being virtually maintenance free overall life costs are further reduced.

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