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Pipex px® Resin Infusion - Bespoke Products manufactured to your exact project needs...

Pipex px® Resin Infusion - Bespoke Products manufactured to your exact project needs...

The safe transportation of vital subsea equipment can often be a complicated procedure in any Offshore project.  The unpredictable nature of the oceanic environment can produce many issues and concerns over the adequate protection of expensive apparatus during movement from onshore to the seabed.  If this is a problem you are currently facing Pipex px® are here to help!

Pipex px® expertise in both bespoke resin infusion and engineering services can help to resolve your project difficulties   - as the below overview demonstrates;

Problem:  Safe shipment of subsea hub equipment via Tow-Out operation from Scotland to Norway.

Pipex px® Solution:  Design, fabrication & supply of 8 No. Bespoke Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) resin infused Hub Protection Covers.

How did we do it?

Following the comprehensive design phase, which included 3D modelling to ensure a clash free design, we also completed Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of the FRP structure to prove performance to required specifications.

The bespoke FRP protection covers were then resin infused to clients exact specifications for impact resistance and strength.  Fabrication dimensions were 2300mm long x 1400mm wide x 1400 high, and in order to add buoyancy and stiffness 25mm structural foam ribs were also incorporated into the design.

The protection covers underwent site integrated testing to verify fitness for purpose whereby they were suspended by the lifting eye in the top of the cover load tested and verified to 350kg.

What are the benefits?

This FRP solution is extremely lightweight. Once the transportation was complete and the subsea equipment was safely in situ on the seabed, it further enabled the client to quickly and simply remove the protection covers at low risk, with the use of an ROV (remotely Operated Vehicle).

Are there other benefits of Pipex px® FRP?

YES!  - and here are just a few;

  • Highly corrosion  resistant
  • Pre-fabrication offsite allowing for fast track installation
  • Life expectancy of 60+ years depending upon application
  • Strong and durable
  • Virtually maintenance free


Our advanced manufacturing and resin infusion capabilities can make the difference to your projects too!  Give us a call now on 01752 581200 or email us at – there is no obligation and we could provide the answer you were looking for……

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