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Pipex px® VP of Sales & Marketing takes on the famous Cresta Run - & survives to tell the tale!

Pipex px® VP of Sales & Marketing takes on the famous Cresta Run - & survives to tell the tale!

For the past 4 years Pipex px® has been a proud sponsor and supporter of the Royal Navy Cresta Run team, a group of intrepid and fearless service personnel who take on the annual Ice tobogganing challenge held in Switzerland.

The Cresta Run is the name given to a natural ice toboggan track over three quarters of a mile long in the town of St Moritz.  Built originally in 1884 this dangerous and awe inspiring track now attracts teams from all over the world in a furious competition to conquer its dangerous high speed twists and turns.

The Cresta ice run winds its way from above the “Leaning Tower” down a steep gully through 10 testing corners, past the tiny hamlet of Cresta to the village of Celerina. The total drop is 514 feet and the gradient varies from 1 in 2.8 to 1 in 8.7.

Pipex PX® VP Sales & Marketing on the Cresta Run Slope

In January Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Bill Murphy decided to tick this off his personal bucket list and experience the terrifying run first hand. 

During his time at St Moritz he was able to follow the progress of two young navy persons attempting the course for the very first time and was witness to the sheer courage, determination, commitment and planning needed in order to tackle this infamous challenge and the benefits it would give to these young people.

Bill Murphy in action on the Cresta Run

Upon his return to the UK, bruised and suffering from sore ribs, Bill commented;

 “It was astounding to witness just how quickly the new recruits progressed with the dedicated mentoring by experienced riders.  I had no idea just how much detailed planning and preparation was involved, and what an incredible, life changing experience it was for those involved.”

He went on to say;    

“As a beginner I was only permitted to run part of the course and I can honestly say that was frightening enough! The conditions these riders willingly put themselves through is staggering and requires incredible teamwork and resolve – I left St Moritz with nothing but the utmost respect for them all”.


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