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Pipex px® Work Experience proves invaluable for Ex-Service people

Pipex px® Work Experience proves invaluable for Ex-Service people

At Pipex px® we recognise that service people accumulate a vast wealth of experience and skills throughout their active years, aptitudes which can subsequently be transferred and applied within civilian businesses.

Pipex px® are fully committed to our corporate social responsibilities and as part of this actively assist ex-service men and woman within the Plymouth area, in their efforts with finding full-time employment and successfully transitioning into civilian life.

Working in close collaboration with The C Group, a charity organisation specifically established to assist Royal Marines in need during both active service and the transitional period, we are proud to say that Pipex px® now employ 4 ex-servicemen within our group of companies - one of which is our Projects Director Mr Andrew Lightfoot MBE, a former serving Commando for over 30 years!

Transition into civilian life can be a daunting and confusing experience, especially if an individual’s career path has not yet been established. To aid with this we have developed a work experience package, providing individuals with a practical, hands-on familiarity of the various systems and methods often employed by non-military establishments.

The most recent participant of our scheme is a true testament to the benefits of this work experience - with the great news that he is now successfully employed! 

When he was asked by The C Group to explain just how advantageous his time with Pipex px® had been he responded;

“I did not realise how valuable this experience was for me until I started working.  Having an experience to draw on from a different company, even though it was a small amount of time has really helped me develop ideas on how best to perform my role. It has also enabled me to set up processes that were second nature at Pipex, but new to the people I am working with now. Having a steady stream of ideas that are not my own but those I borrowed from the way Pipex do their business has really given me credibility within the office.”

He went on to say;

“I believe that anyone coming through the C Group would benefit from doing a small work experience at the start of their resettlement period even if it is just to look at different industries that they might be interested in. I can’t stress enough how much those 3 days have helped me in my current Job. “

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