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Plymouth to get a dedicated Centre of Excellence for STEM.

Plymouth to get a dedicated Centre of Excellence for STEM.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (commonly referred to as STEM) are subjects absolutely fundamental to the growth of Manufacturing and Engineering industries within our region.

The Royal Academy of Engineers forecasts that between now and 2020, the UK economy will require 830,000 scientists, engineers and technologists to replace those retiring from these sectors and to fill increasing demand.  This equates to over 100,000 new recruits each year!  It is therefore imperative that proactive action measures are taken to capture and maintain young people’s interest in these vital STEM subjects.

To assist in this endeavor City College Plymouth will, in September 2017, open its new state-of-the-art Centre of Excellence for STEM.

The remarkable £13 million new development with be dedicated to STEM for the City and aims to create a hub that will drive Plymouth’s economy and productivity by stimulating interest in STEM subjects. 

STEM Centre of Excellence Plymouth         

It will provide 12,000 students per year with a flexible learning environment, simulating ‘real work’ scenarios with industry-standard workshops, laboratories and studios, equipped with high-tech resources to support a broader and more relevant STEM curriculum.

The new provision will include a range of full and part-time courses from entry level to higher education and professional qualifications, as well as pre-employment and new Apprenticeship frameworks including 1,450 Apprentices trained annually.

Over 50 regional businesses, such as Pipex px®, are and will continue to be, involved in the shaping of these advanced education and training facilities and curriculum programmes, helping to;

  • address local and regional skills gaps, helping to match future skills with local business demand
  • help to create new and sustained private sector jobs in knowledge-based enterprises
  • support existing business to expand and innovate
  • stimulate further entrepreneurship, and job and wealth creation in STEM-related industries
  • improve graduate retention in Plymouth
  • tackle youth unemployment with new education and training opportunities, including pre-employment and Apprenticeship initiatives.

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