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Manufactured from thermoplastic Homopolymer Polypropylene (PP-H), High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) or Polyinylidene Fluoride PVDF. The system includes pipework, manholes, pump chambers, floor drains and channels, all available in dual containment for Bio-security applications.

Pipex px® BIOSAFE® Pipe Systems are designed for below ground drainage, pumped systems and above ground laboratory applications. Pipex px® BIOSAFE® systems are installed in biological facilities within which microorganisims are handled/stored such as Biological Laboratories, Public Health laboratories, Research Centres, Production Facilities, Defence, Nuclear and Bio-technology facilities, where enhanced bio-security high containment levels (CL) & HAZOP safety integrity levels (SIL) are required.

Pipex px® BIOSAFE® Pipe Systems are an evolution of standard Pipex px® CHEMSAFE® double contained piping products, providing additional enhanced bio-security specific design & manufacturing features.

BIOSAFE® Systems are designed for maximum visual inspection & minimum physical maintenance during operation, with several robust but affordable bio-security multi-layer protection barriers.

The system is supplied for a “fully welded” primary (inner) and secondary (outer) sealed installation with validation monitoring/test points and leak detection alarm system. Speak to Pipex px® with respect to Bio-secure level of security and project specific requirements.

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