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Pipex px® have unique manufacturing capabilities.

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Manufactured from corrosion resistant, advanced composites supplied by Strongwell, the world’s largest pultrusion company, and recognized leader in the pultrusion industry.

Pipex px® offer high strength, low maintenance Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Parapets to a wide variety of market sectors. All Pipex px® parapets are constructed from high performance EXTREN® structural profiles, COMPOSOLITE® cellular panels and FRP materials to ensure superior product performance and longevity.

Pipex px® Parapets are engineered to suit individual projects, with heights and load capabilities engineered to customer’s specifications. Our FRP Parapets offer minimal electrical conductivity, and so do not need to be earthed. This is a huge advantage, saving installation and lifecycle costs.

Self-coloured or painted Pipex px® FRP Parapets will require minimal maintenance over the life of the structure (design life 60 years +). Even if scratched, the material is inherently corrosion resistant and can be easily touched up if necessary. 

Pipex px® Parapets weigh approximately one third that of metal ones – this results in faster installation times with usually no special lifting equipment needed. The installation costs can be therefore significantly reduced.

Pipex px® Parapets can be easily site trimmed or drilled to suit local dimensions and fixing positions. This reduces risks of structures not fitting correctly and speeds installation times, reducing costs.

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