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Pipex px® "Free Cooling" systems provide building owners and operators significant energy, carbon & £ savings. The systems are primarily aimed at high energy users such as data centres, hospitals and office buildings.

Pipex px® "Free Cooling" provides chilled water or building cooling by harnessing the natural cooling properties of the outside environment, reducing the need for electric electrical equipment such as pumps, heat exchangers and so on.  In 2010 Pipex px® installed a Free Cooling CAT System at The Met Office weather forecasting HQ data centre in Exeter, related to their chilled water requirements for the operation of their IBM super-computers.
The installed system is set to reduce Met Office carbon footprint by approx 1,400 metric tonnes of carbon over the next 3 years, and is saving approx £900 per day of electricity costs.

With our unique manufacturing capabilities we are able to produce carbon abatement systems to suit specific project requirements.

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