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Pipex px® Chemsafe® Orion® is an innovative drainage and pure water piping product moulded from polypropylene (proxylene blueline resin) and polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) which is the most resistant of all thermoplastics.

It offers superior chemical resistance to many solvents, acids, bases and halogens. It is designed for extra tough applications where plastic may not have been considered before.

The joining pipe systems are made from fire retardant, thermoplastic material and have an excellent resistance to most common organic and mineral acids, salts, strong and weak alkalis and most organic chemicals.

Proxylene qualifies for Underwriters Laboratory certification for V-2 when tests under UL Subject 94 in thickness of 0150 and over. Proxylene qualifies under ASTM D2843 smoke chamber test with a maximum value of less than 50.

Pipex px® Chemsafe® Orion® piping is re-useable and is ideal for system modifications during refurbishment projects.

Chemsafe® Orion® pipe systems are currently being installed by Pipex px® at various medical research institutes throughout the UK.

Pipex px® are the sole distributor of Chemsafe® Orion® systems in the UK and Ireland.