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Product Overview;

MARRS® (Multi Angle Rapid Railing Systems) OFFSHORE is a unique patented handrail system designed and developed in-house to meet the required strength, toughness, fire reaction performance and safety properties in offshore Oil and Gas Installations, including NORSOK compliance.

This product is also used extensively in other fire critical areas such as London Underground, Nuclear Processing facilities, Military facilities etc, due to its enhanced fire integrity and very low smoke emissions and toxicity in fires.


  • Highly Corrosion Resistant – maintains long term structural integrity.
  • Lightweight – very significant weight saving over steel
  • Highly Robust & Durable
  • Factory OR Field assembled (no hot works)
  • Safety Enhancements – continuous round top rail, with no sharp corners
  • Fully versatile for edge protection, stairs and platforms.
  • Will accept lighting and cable trays
  • Fast Track Installation                                   
  • Cost Saving
  • Maintenance Saving
  • Designed for both New-build & Brownfield retrofit installations on offshore rigs, FPSO’s etc
  • Versatile base connections to suit different applications
  • Phenolic FRP ensures negligible combustibility, smoke and toxicity risks

    MARRS® OFFSHORE Handrails exceed NORSOK requiremetns!


MARRS® OFFSHORE Handrail systems on BP Andrew module

Fire Integrity:

MARRS® can be used in most areas throughout an offshore installation except in specific areas where post-fire integrity may be required (such as designated safety escape routes). 

When installed and used in accordance with Pipex px Installation and Operation Procedures,  MARRS OFFSHORE Handrail will give many years of reliable service in your Offshore Installation

Please refer to the comparison matrix below for typical advantages compared to traditional steel or aluminum handrail systems, and please also refer to our product introduction flyer for summary details of standard performance data and unique selling points. Please contact us to find out how we saved BP Clair Ridge project thousands of kilograms in weight.

Client feedback following Clair Ridge project completion;

"Pipex px® innovative Phenolic FRP composite structural products, including MARRS® Offshore handrails, access structures, ladders, safety gates and grating have been designed, supplied, and installed extensively throughout the BP Clair Ridge project, all performing beyond expectations throughout fabrication, and passing Lloyds Class Project testing. The Pipex px® team also provided expert technical & engineering services as part of a packaged-solution from design to completion.  

The Pipex px® FRP products successfully provided a cost effective, corrosion resistant alternative solution to steel equivalents and made a significant contribution towards critical weight saving objectives. " - Lead Topside Structural Engineer, BP   

Extreme Offshore environments demand extreme structural solutions such as MARRS® OFFSHORE...Please watch the following video for more info


MARRS® OFFSHORE Comparison Matrix

MARRS® Patent Text