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Pipex px® Platform Level Access HUMP®, BUMPS & FASTBUILD

Pipex px® Platform Level Access HUMP®, BUMPS & FASTBUILD

Strongwell Company LogoManufactured from corrosion resistant, advanced composites supplied by Strongwell, the world’s largest pultrusion company, and recognized leader in the pultrusion industry.

The Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Pipex px® Platform Level Access HUMP® is an innovative pre-fabricated modular raised platform system which allows access to a train for travellers with limited mobility, wheelchair users and families with pushchairs, by eliminating the large gap from modern trains to platform found in rural stations.

It is a fully adjustable modular raised platform made from lightweight structural composites including COMPOSOLITE®, SAFPLATE® and other high quality FRP materials. It includes ramp or stair access with SAFRAIL® safety handrails provided as required.  It is highly versatile so can fit any station platform layout and slope. It can be supplied to whatever length is required with quality factory anti-slip, tactile and colour finishes. It is simple and fast to install, requiring no special skills.

All our FRP products require minimal maintenance, and our lightweight FRP materials are ideal where access is difficult. The minimal conductive properties of FRP also eliminates the need for electrical grounding.

The Bump is an adaptation of the Pipex px® Platform Level Access Hump® which can be installed as a cheaper alternative in some applications, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

This innovative Pipex px® FRP station platform range is specifically designed for Rail Station Platform applications. FASTBUILD’s is uniquely assembled and secured to foundations in the “Green Zone”, then launched forward into the “Red Zone”, so significantly reducing costly possession times and risks.

Pipex px® FASTBUILD is fabricated from EXTREN and COMPOSOLITE® high strength FRP materials in our factory to required sizes and include built-in high quality HSE approved anti slip, tactiles, white nosing and colour finishes.

Panels can be fitted with platform furniture such as seating, bins etc and easily modified to allow lighting columns to be fitted. They offer long life with minimal maintenance (60 year design life)

Site installation is simple and fast, with components being hand carried. The deck panels are designed to be independent so that, if one is damaged, it can be easily lifted out and replaced without disturbing adjacent panels.


Pipex px® supply Strongwell FRP Pultruded Profiles, EXTREN and  EXTREN 23 that are 3rd party verified as fully compliant to BS EN 13706  (i.e. to required minimum mechanical properties NOT average or “typical” mechanical properties) and batch- certified as per BS EN 10204 Certificate Type 3.1 (first article testing); EXTREN is compliant to E17 Grade as standard & EXTREN 23 is compliant to E23 Grade as standard.

“HUMP® is a registered trademark of Pipex PX Ltd; the product incorporates a number of unique and proprietary materials, configurations, manufacturing processes and designs, which are the subject of UK patent application number 1410146.3”

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