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Pipex px® are expert in the design, manufacture & supply of subsea cable protection systems (“CPS”) for offshore wind power & oil and gas projects, with over 30 years supply experience. Our CPS are typically manufactured in very robust, highly corrosion resistant High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) materials that are ideal for subsea environments. Compared to competitive systems manufactured in polyurethane (“PU”) materials, our HDPE offer a range of safety, environmental, cost and flexible constructability option benefits.

The photo opposite shows Pipex px® CPS system as installed on Statoil Sheringham Shoal project, including our high visibility materials that are ideal for easy identification, installation and operation in subsea environments. Our CPS can be supplied as complete systems, or in modular components, to suit customer project specific needs.

Our range of CPS & associated products include bespoke products for:

  • Cable protection systems;
  • “I” tubes;
  • “J tubes;
  • Bend limiters;
  • Bend restrictors;
  • Bellmouths;
  • Scour zone protection;

Please see pdf downloads below for further introduction information and contact us to discuss your project specific requirements.