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Strongwell Company LogoManufactured from corrosion resistant, advanced composites supplied by Strongwell, the world’s largest pultrusion company, and recognized leader in the pultrusion industry.

The innovative Pipex px® Cocoon & Shroud® is a problem-solving protective structure used in a subsea environment to protect oilfield equipment.  Subsea wellheads vulnerable to fishing net systems and dropped objects from oilfield vessels working overhead. Fishing nets caught on wellheads can cause significant damage, danger and potential harm to life and the environment.

Manufactured from advanced FRP building materials, the uniquely designed and engineered Cocoon & Shroud® solves this predicament. The ingenious design of the Cocoon & Shroud® deflects the nets and shields wellheads.  There are currently 30 Cocoons & Shrouds® installed in the North Sea and this “one of a kind” product has huge worldwide potential for the oil industry. With over 10 years of operational use, the Cocoon & Shroud® is a proven solution.

Manufactured and designed by Pipex px® from premium grade, lightweight and corrosion resistant Strongwell FRP materials, this product is customized for each project’s requirements. The upper Cocoon part of the system is designed as a skeletal “clam” with a smooth external surface ensuring fishing gear is easily deflected. The Shroud forms the base of the structure, penetrating the seabed. The system is placed over wellheads providing complete protection from trawler net incidents and safety of the marine environment.

The benefits are numerous. The Cocoon & Shroud® system is lightweight, ensuring simple offshore installation and through life intervention. It is highly corrosion resistant, making it ideal for harsh marine environments.

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