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Pipex px® Offshore Survey

Offshore Surveys

Pipex px® Engineering Services are able to support offshore survey requirements. Highly experienced in-house personnel have specialist experience in this area and are available to mobilise at short notice to survey or repair GRE piping issues and FRP Structures.

As experts in GRE Piping Systems with over 20 years experience, our Engineers are highly skilled in the repair of GRE piping and are able to offer efficient solutions within the challenging offshore environment.

3D Laser Surveys

The Pipex px® Engineering Services Team are equipped to carry out 3D laser imaging surveys using cutting edge scanning equipment and interpretation software. They are able to produce highly accurate and detailed drawings for structures and piping systems for both onshore and offshore applications.

3D laser scans are especially useful in busy and complex environments as they allow the flexibility to continuously reassess design and measurements without the need to return to the site.


Case History

Project: Nexen Buzzard SRP module

Location: North Sea, UK

Market Sector: Offshore

Offshore Survey:

Pipex px® carried out a close visual inspection (CVI) of the fibreglass piping system on the SRP module following various failures and repairs.  The inspection identified damaged sections and incorrect supporting and detailed required remedial works and material requirements to achieve compliance with manufacturer's recommendations.

Piping Stress Analysis:

Caesar II Stress analysis was carried out to confirm the survey report & ensure that the correct restraint regime was being used.

Offshore Platform

Pipex px® Engineer Offshore